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Developer:      Actual Tools  
License, Price:Shareware, $24.95
Size, OS :       9.20 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: March 15, 2014, Saturday
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Software Description:

Actual Multiple Monitors - Emulate Windows Taskbar on secondary monitors, create Desktop Profiles and more!
Actual Multiple Monitors is the unique toolkit which improves the usability of Windows user interface and make the work with multi-monitor setups much more comfortable and effective.
Powerful yet easy-to-use, the program adds a copy of the original Windows Taskbar onto each secondary display, simplifying and unifying the task management on all monitors. Each such copy can either display only the tasks running on the same monitor or mirror the contents of main Taskbar. Moreover, each secondary taskbar can display the Start button, the notification area (system tray), any toolbars (like Quick Launch, etc.) and the clock. Also, you can clone the Alt-Tab Task Switcher window on each monitor to get rid of turning your attention to the primary monitor every time you need to switch tasks. Finally, all taskbars can be semi-transparent!
Actual Multiple Monitors greatly enhances window management within the expanded screen space with such usability tools as quick switching windows between monitors via special button in each window's title bar or via hotkeys, easy dragging/sizing windows by an arbitrary point, snapping windows to desktop boundaries and to each other (sticky borders), emulation of Windows 7 Aero Snap on XP/Vista, making any window span the entire desktop or fit monitor's width/height - and many others!
To make your work environment even more comfortable and efficient, Actual Multiple Monitors offers setting up rules for your favorite apps to choose which monitor displays the program at startup. You can also create desktop profiles, which include such display properties as screen resolution, refresh rate, color depth, status (primary or secondary), the type of wallpaper and screen saver (shared or individual on each display). Last but not least - the program can save and restore the order of icons on your desktop in case they were garbled in some way.
Try Actual Multiple Monitors right now - and it will make arranging multi-monitor setups a breeze!
What's New: 1) Windows 8.1 compatibility. 2) Ability to toggle active Modern (Metro) app to windowed mode in Windows 8/8.1. 3) Ability to activate windows by placing the mouse over them. 4) Hardware video acceleration for Desktop Mirroring since Windows Vista. 5) Save Idle Screens automatic mode.
Limitations: 30 Days Trial

Feature List:

  • Powerful yet easy-to-use, the program emulates the original Windows Taskbar on the secondary displays, allowing you to manage windows in your usual manner. Such Taskbar can work in the individual mode, displaying only the tasks running on the same monitor, or in the mirror mode, displaying all the tasks running on all monitors in your setup. Moreover, you can also choose to emulate the Start button to launch apps more quickly and easily, and to clone the Task Switcher window on all monitors to switch between apps without having to redirect your attention to the primary monitor. In addition, Actual Multiple Monitors extends the general Taskbar with the ability to manually re-order Taskbar buttons with the mouse
  • In case you are still using Windows XP/2003 - you may find useful the Window Thumbnails service which was presented in Windows Vista: each time you place the mouse pointer over any taskbar button, the reduced copy of that button's corresponding window is displayed along with the regular tool tip. This service highly increases the recognition of minimized windows without the need to restore them
  • With Actual Multiple Monitors you won't have to keep reaching for the taskbar each time you want to move any application to another monitor. Now you can put the target window on the monitor of your choice by clicking the additional title bar button or pressing the hotkey ( by default). The program also enables you to span the application across all screens by right-clicking the regular Maximize button. To make your work environment even more comfortable and efficient, Actual Multiple Monitors offers setting up rules for your favorite apps to choose which monitor displays the certain program at startup. And to top it all, the app emulates one of the niftiest features found in Windows 7 - the Aero Snap mode
  • You can significantly improve the look-and-feel of your multi-monitor desktop with the Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper and Multi-monitor Screen Saver features. Actual Multiple Monitors lets you either stretch a single background picture over the entire composite desktop or specify individual background pictures on each display (and the same is true for screen savers)
  • If you often need to reconfigure your desktop (e.g. change display resolution, plug/unplug additional displays, rearrange the displays layout), you can store the most frequently used sets of desktop settings as different desktop profiles. Each profile includes display properties, such as screen resolution, refresh rate, color depth, monitor status (primary or secondary), the type of wallpaper and screensaver (shared or individual for each desktop). Then you will be able to instantly switch between different desktop configurations as the need arises just activating the appropriate profile. No more tedious manual adjustments
  • Sometimes Windows corrupts the order of icons on your desktop (usually after switching the display resolution from higher to lower). This may happen accidentally but result is always unwanted: you have to manually restore the customary icons layout dragging them with the mouse. Actual Multiple Monitors allows you save the order of your desktop icons and then restore it automatically if it was broken somehow

100% Clean:

100% Clean Actual Multiple Monitors 8.1.1 is 100% clean
This download (ammsetup.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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