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Developer:      DEK Software International  
License, Price:Shareware, $299.00
Size, OS :       18.88 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: February 21, 2017, Tuesday
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Software Description:

DEKSI Network Administrator - Network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software
An advanced, powerful, and feature rich network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software solution. DEKSI Network Administrator generates a network map, which speeds up accessing to remote hosts' properties and resources. Scan your network, find hosts, place them on a network diagram, and monitor their state! DEKSI Network Administrator can export a network diagram to a graphic image, Microsoft Visio, as well as an XML scheme.
DEKSI Network Administrator contains the following modules:
Network diagram builder: Create network diagram automatically and export it to Visio, Network monitor: Monitor hosts, servers, and services, Alerter: Be notified on network or service failures, Connection monitor: Audit connections to your shared resources, Access actual network diagram in real-time using web technology. The program also includes a number of useful features for obtaining information on remote computers. DEKSI Network Administrator has a feature rich host monitoring facility that offers multiple types
of host checks, which allows you to see the state of your network at any time. The program displays a network map, monitoring device's state (active/inactive) in real-time mode. All that's need is a click of the tray icon at any time,
and you can see which servers and computers are switched on, and which do not servers and computers do not respond. Employing DEKSI Network Administrator makes it easier to administer and monitor processes in all types of networks and in any range and any size.
Windows 9X, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server, VISTA, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 compatible.

Feature List:

  • Network mapping: modeling a local area network in a visual mode and then saving the result as a map, image, XML scheme, or you can print the network map
  • Network diagram: Draw network diagram and export it to Visio
  • Monitor servers and other hosts. The following monitoring checks are supported: ICMP monitoring, TCP port monitoring, DNS monitoring, ARP and MAC address monitoring, SNMP monitoring, FTP monitoring, HTTP monitoring, NetBios monitoring, service monitoring, process monitoring, folder monitoring, file monitoring, file size monitoring, and disk space monitoring
  • Obtaining information on remote computers: IP address, current user, accounts and groups, domain, server, operation system used, current date and time, MAC address, shared resources, connected users, registry, services and devices, processes running, event log, and installed software
  • Connection monitoring (monitoring usage of your shared resources by other users of the network) with logging, sound and screen notification, and blacklists
  • Network traffic monitoring (incoming/outgoing traffic and transfer rates)
  • Searching hosts by ICMP ping or scanning TCP ports
  • Scanning network by IP address range
  • Port scanning
  • Controlling access permissions for your shared resources
  • Pinging any computer on the network
  • Tracing routes
  • Retrieving computer's network name by its IP address
  • Sending regular and anonymous messages to any computer on the network
  • Shutting down and restarting any computer on the network (when required permissions are granted on the remote computer)
  • Turning on remote computers (wake-on-LAN)
  • Notifying of events by playing a sound, writing to log, running program, sending e-mail, etc
  • Performing actions on network devices via the configurable context menu
  • Easy install and uninstall

100% Clean:

100% Clean DEKSI Network Administrator 8.5 is 100% clean
This download (dna.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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