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Developer:      ButterflyVista, LLC  
License, Price:Shareware, $15.99
Size, OS :       11.91 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: April 22, 2010, Thursday
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Software Description:

MetricWiz - A pictorial US/metric unit converter with a timezone database and encyclopedia
This program is a pictorial easy-to-use general purpose conversion utility designed for everybody from cooks to engineers to grandfathers that you can use to convert between the US and metric systems. MetricWiz features Liquid, Distance, Area, Weight, Temperature, and Time Zone measurement categories. The Time Zone category allows you to find display the time in another area by selecting either the country or city (US and International) and displaying that time relative to your own local time. Our city and country list is extensive taking into account regions in the world, such as the state of Florida here in the US, which sits inside two different time zones.
Are you confused by long arcane lists of units, our easy-to-use button interface allows for quick conversions. ButterflyVista avoids the traditional boring gray user interface motif and attempts to redefine the software interface by marrying colors, art, and form to functionality to create a fulfilling experience. Do not think of MetricWiz as just another scientific calculator, as it is no calculator. We've integrated an extensive unit and time zone encyclopedia that shows you the origins and history of each of the units. We even go beyond that, but you'll have to download the product and see for yourself.
Do you like to cook? Are you an artist? Are you a teacher or an engineer? Are you a student? No matter what profession or hobby no one can be an island. We live in the international world, where competing unit systems and different time zones exist. Both people and businesses need to be fluent in many systems. Let MetricWiz help you. Download your copy today.
What's New: Major upgrade
Limitations: 21 Days Trial

Feature List:

  • Select the country, U.S. city, or International city from where you would like to know the time using our dropdown list and SI-Metric Kids will immediately show the current date and time along with your local time
  • Knowing the time is nice, but often you just want to visually be aware of whether the destination place is in daylight or nighttime. SI-Metric Kids shows a cute picture of the sun or moon to indicate what part of the day the destination place is
  • SI-Metric Office allows you to convert common liquid, distance, area, weight, and temperature units quickly and easily. Simply enter the unit to convert. Select the original (source / from) unit and the destination (to) unit, press the convert button and watch the results
  • Each tab shows graphical images applicable to the unit that you wish to convert. Teaching children measurements is easier when they have a picture that they can correlate the unit to
  • We tested the interface with children and adults of various ages and came up with colors and sizes that make it easy for little fingers to click, yet is still acceptable for us not so little kids
  • No matter what information you wanted to know or didn't want to know, SI-Metric Kids comes with an extensive unit encyclopedia. Whether you want to know the origins of the Fahrenheit scale or why a meter is the length that it is, you will find the answer in the included encyclopedia. We even include graphical pictures to illustrate the different points
  • Reading facts can go in one ear and out the other, so to speak. That is why SI-Metric Kids features a Did-You-Know section, where you can test yourself or your kids on different questions. If they miss the question, then they can press a button and reread the section
  • SI-Metric Kids comes with full support for international numerical formatting. No matter what country you are in or how you enter numbers or other information, SI-Metric Office has built in support for you
  • SI-Metric Offices comes with full support for normal, large, or custom system font support
  • SI-Metric Office comes with a simple and intuitive installation utility
  • The program has a complete help system in case you get into trouble. You can look in the help file, press F1 to get instant context sensitive help, or press the Did-You-Know button to get help
  • Although you probably won't need it, SI-Metric Office comes with unlimited free technical support
  • If you want a more professional unit and time zone converter, then look no further than SI-Metric Office, which features an extensive unit conversion library with customizable precision, 4 separate displaying grids with analog and digital clocks that can show the times around the world, a word map with custom displayable cities, say the time talking clock, time and task reminders, atomic clock synchronization and much more

100% Clean:

100% Clean MetricWiz 2010 is 100% clean
This download (MetricWiz2010.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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