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Developer:      Clocking Edge, LLC  
License, Price:Shareware, $29.99
Size, OS :       4.50 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: June 21, 2009, Sunday
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Software Description:

Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software - Chart fertility, generate ovulation charts, personal statistics, and more.
The Hormonal Forecaster easily charts ovulation and fertility to help you achieve or avoid conception and pregnancy by charting the most fertile days of a woman's cycle. The program uses patent pending technology together with Natural Family Planning techniques. It supports symptothermal analysis, basal body temperature charting, cervical mucus interpretation, saliva ferning records, etc. Let the program do all the calculations for you or utilize the fertility charting feature to interpret your own ovulation charts. The Hormonal Forecaster also generates personal statistics based upon recorded data. You can chart up to 20 moods and/or behaviors to see what days you're prone to have headaches, be full of energy, experience menstrual cramps, or anything else you're interested in tracking.

You can even transfer data between the software and to allow you to enter and view your data online. Full synchronization support is included in the software.
The fertility feature allows you to see exactly which days of your cycle you will be ovulating with an automatically computed margin of error. The program generates symptothermal charts (ovulation charts) based upon basal body temperatures and/or cervical mucus observations. Use the fertility meter for a one stop fertility summary, or interpret your own generated symptothermal ovulation charts. Users not interested in temperature readings and recording observations can also take advantage of the simplicity of fertility calculations and graphing done via the calendar method. The program's 'Pregnancy Advisory' chart allows you to graphically see which days you will be most fertile and therefore most likely to become pregnant.
In addition to fertility, the Hormonal Forecaster allows you to track personal moods, behaviors, or actions. Based upon the recorded occurrences, the program utilizes the predictable nature of human beings to predict future occurrences.

Feature List:

  • Track Fertility based upon several Natural Family Planning Methods such as the Ovulation Method, the Symptothermal Method, and the Calendar Method
  • Automatically Generate Symptothermal Ovulation Charts based upon Record Cycle Dates, Basal Body Temperatures, Cervical Mucus Observations, and/or Cervical Position
  • Fertility Meter Gauges Fertility Based upon the Symptothermal Method
  • Gender Prediction Graphs show how ovulation can be timed to Influence Gender Based Upon the Shettles Method
  • Automatically Calculates Future Cycle Dates
  • Thirty-One Day Customizable Fertility Graph
  • Automatically Calculates Dates of Ovulation (Past and Future)
  • Generates General Menstrual Cycle Statistics (average length, deviation, shortest, longest, etc.)
  • Extrapolate The Future of Your Unborn (or even unconceived) Child
  • Track Your Pregnancy's Progress
  • Keeps Records of Basal Body Temperatures, Cervical Mucus Observations, and Position of the Cervix
  • Record temperature data by clicking directly on ovulation charts
  • Variable Length Menstrual Periods and Related Statistics Supported
  • Manual ovulation dates can be specified to override calculations or to show symptothermal ovulation on the main calendar screen
  • Custom Field on Symptothermal Charts to Track Spotting or Another Custom Item such as a positive ovulation test result
  • Reference markers now permit the symptothermal ovulation charts of longer cycles to be viewed more conveniently
  • Your Own Six Day Forecast of Probable Moods or Behaviors
  • Record, View, and Search Daily Personal Notes to keep track of other textual information
  • Thirty-One Day Customizable Graph of Tracked Events
  • Select Up To 20 Behaviors, Moods, or Actions to Record and Monitor
  • Three Stat Compiling Methods: Menstrual Cycle Based, Lunar Cycle Based, and Weekday Based
  • Month Overview Statistics for Long Term Trends
  • Generate Frequency Report for Tracked Events
  • Analyze Relationship Reports for Trends Between Tracked Events
  • Create Occurrence Reports that Enumerate Dates on which Specific Events were Recorded
  • Countdown Future Events and Track Progress as its Updated Every Second
  • Comprehensive Palm Synchronization Support
  • Export Program Screens to JPEG Image Files that can be sent as attachments in emails
  • Password Protect Individual Files
  • Printable Graphs, Reports, and calendars (with Print Option)
  • Calendar with Multiple Viewing Options
  • Ability to Record Events for Future Reference
  • Customizable Background Skin and Colors
  • Displays Approximate Phases of the Moon as Calendar Icons and/or Specific Lunar Cycle Dates
  • Easy Installation and Uninstallation
  • Tips of the Day
  • Recently Used File List
  • Graphical Interface Enhancements

100% Clean:

100% Clean Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software 5.2 is 100% clean
This download (hfcset.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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