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Last Updated: April 01, 2010, Thursday
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Software Description:

Cylekx - photo editor, graphics design, web animation, pixel and vector program.
A top photo editor. Does pixel and vector and animation. Ensure you have the latest release at Does Layers and Multiframes. Uses vector, binary, paletted, gradient, and argb image types. Includes wands, cloning, quantizing, user-writable filters, true alpha support, batch processing. Upcomming version will have a dedicated 6th graphic type for text.

Feature List:

  • 190+ functions (this is a count of the filters, tools, selection managers and such in use by this module)
  • A multi frame, multi layer, multi type, pixel and vector graphics environment
  • Multitasking is virtually everywhere. If a filter is taking a long time, minimize the document it is working on and go to another document
  • Sequences may contain images of different types, sizes and calibrations. Frames may contain multiple layers, these can be arranged in a tree which is more versatile than a one dimensional stack for certain tasks. Layers may be different data types and have varying dimensions within the frame
  • Sequences support different selections in each frame, and each layer within the frame
  • Processing may be applied to a selected range of frames in a sequence. Processing may also be applied to selected layers in a frame
  • Sequences may be saved as separate images in a directory
  • Multiple images may be opened as found in the source file, or as separate documents (one image per document) or even as a single sequence
  • Sequences are sortable by name, number equivalent of name, size, and other parameters
  • Editing tools include numerous selection tools (including full fledged channel observing wands) and filters
  • Bezier and Spline curve selections are fully supported and immediately accessible with a right click popup
  • Selections have a very accessible 'Restore' feature which aims to always give you quick access to the previous selection for all images. This mechanism toggles between the current and previous selection. This 'shadow' selection is preserved through most operations including unlikely things like type conversion and canvas resizing. It is also remembered in the project source file and at each undo point
  • Vector graphic selections may be set to use integer or fractional coordinates
  • Vector graphic dimensions may be fractional. This is necessary to avoid rounding in operations like crop, cut, and copy when used with fractional selections, and is most noticable if the vector image dimensions are small
  • Document Look and Feel allows vertical or horizontal pages with various spacings, global or specific. Additionally, frames may be viewed as single, all, or a variable range. The single or variable modes are more efficient to display large numbers of frames. Selection graphics may be a choice of colors, xor, or animated black and white
  • All processes have variables that can be automatically or manually modified where relevant as processing progresses through the sequence frame by frame. This enables complex transformations from one graphic to another. Typical modifiers include Increasers, Decreasers, 'Fit Range To', 'Randomizers'. On top of this are math functions like sine, sum, and factorial
  • Layer repositioning facilities are extensive and include simple drag and drop copy or move
  • Unique solutions to the problem of Negative Image Space (NIS) facilitate operations that extend beyond the image dimensions
  • All layers reside in a 'Frame'. A frame is resizable to large dimensions with virtually no extra memory requirements. This enables composites which are not normally possible
  • Processing can be applied to specified image channels. (example: only alpha and magenta)
  • Processing can be applied to specified vector shapes. (example: 'Current Level', 'Current And Descendants')
  • Some processes can be applied to tiles. (example: squares, circles and triangles of varying sizes)
  • In addition to the standard 32bit integer ARGB image, 3 Indexed Pixel Image types are provided for use with gradients (lookup tables) and palettes, and a 2D vector image type is used for scalable graphics
  • A special 'Paste Operation' is used to achieve an extensive range of pixel blittering, and various 'Fade Modes' and 'Overwrite Modes' are used to create perfect pixel image blending. Any changes made while editing reflect in the image (or sequence of images). Vector shape geometry blittering is also featured
  • Layer and selection operations are still available while pasting
  • Paste automatically resizes to fit new selections
  • Paste can be extracted or selectively (certain channels) converted to a graphics layer and visa versa
  • Paste can be edited in any way while pasting by using the clipboard
  • Copying can be performed while pasting
  • Calibration support includes 20+ unit types and has the rare capability of non aspect calibrating. This can be used to print stretched, squeezed, or even inverted pictures without needing to physically modify an image data. Negative values are also allowed
  • Styled text support. Text can be converted to a graphics layer while preserving the source text for future changes
  • Clone between all different graphic types
  • Gradient pixel images support alpha gradients. Any changes made while editing reflect in the image immediately
  • True transparency support for all graphic types. Most programs view alpha as some sort of special problem in itself but we see it as an integral aspect of our color system. For example; in paletted images it is the gradient that supports the alpha values, for vector graphics the shape fills think in ARGB. In true color pixel images we view it purely as another color channel. This means it can be thresholded, quantized, and even the wand tool can use it, just like any other color channel
  • High speed quantization with any combination of reduction, diffusion, and dithering operation packed into one small dialog front end. The disk palette and dithering data are user editable files in the program directory
  • Splittable and Mergable channel output into the same or a new document. Includes RGB, CMYK, LAB, and HSB
  • Drawing capabilities include common 2D areas, lines, and a new type, 'Fan', which can be used for lighting and rain effects. Drawing ability includes fully specifiable linear and circular gradients with an alpha component, XOR mode, texture fills, and variable stroke outlines. Drawing observes selections. Drawing can also use the current selection as an object to draw or fill

100% Clean:

100% Clean Cylekx 3.4 is 100% clean
This download (Cylekx Setup.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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