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    a new time management game like Sally's Spa
    Wendy's Wellness is a new time management game like Sally's Spa. When the last wellness center in city shuts down, Wendy and her friends are left with nowhere to work out. Never one to give up easily, Wendy decides to open her own wellness center with the help of her wellness instructor uncle.
    This game is easy to play, just drag customers around and click them. For example: When a customer wants to do some jogging. You drag him to the treadmill, click him to start the jogging, and drag him out when he finishes jogging after a few seconds. You must serve customers quickly before they lose patience and leave. Between levels, you can buy upgrades or hire employees to make the business more lucrative and efficient.
    Wendy's Wellness has 50 levels, 5 levels for each of the 10 unique wellness centers. Wendy's Wellness also has twelve fun mini-games like Boxing, Balance and Bingo etc.
    The Good: Lots of mini games; Many upgrades; Special events
    The Bad: Not original; Weird customers

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