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    speed hack software to speed game up or slow game down
    The Sim 3 game has an in-game time control. You can set game normal speed, fast speed or ultra speed. The ultra speed will help spending the boring time such as working, reading or sleeping. Do you want a speed control for other games? Speed Gear is such a cool speed hack software works for all kinds of games. Speed Gear has a simple and handy interface, you can simply move the speed slider, enter a speed number or press the preset hotkey to change speed. We tested Speed Gear in 5 games and it performed perfectly in 4 of them.
    Speed Gear's working theory is brilliant: Speed Gear enters computer system ring 0, which is also known as Kernel Mode. Then changes the system time intermit. Once system time intermit is changed, all games' speed will be changed. For example: It cheats game thinks two seconds is only one second, so the characters in game will run twice fast. (Referrence: "Speed Hack Technology Inside" article written by Speed Gear developer team)

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