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    Saqqarah has seven types of match three puzzles
    How many types for "match three" puzzles? Saqqarah has seven types! Some types are quite traditional such as chaining, and some are completely unique such as token swap. In the Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, you can explore seven ancient temples. Each of the temples contains 4 stages of puzzles, 6 levels each. In order to unlock the next temple you have to play the first four levels of the preceding one. Once you've unlocked a temple you can go there or stay where you are. And you can move among unlocked temples as you wish. Khufu, a magical blue talking monkey, will guides you through your travels and assists you with it's magic powers such as lightning spell, token charge spell, shuffle spell or fireball spell etc.
    Every several levels you will play a bonus mini-game to search glyphs in limited time. Finishing bonus mini-game will increase the magical power of Khufu.
    The Good: Seven types of puzzles; Tons of levels; Mini-game
    The Bad: Maybe too many levels

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