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    edit game data like money, HP or MP etc
    Even if you're a gaming ace, sometimes you run across a boss monster so nasty, you either have to get help or give up. For those times, there's Quick Memory Editor. This little program edits or locks values such as money, HP or MP etc in games. Quick Memory Editor supports searching four kinds of values including integer, floating number, text and unknown data. Quick Memory Editor is easy to use. You search the value you see in game, for example: you have $350 in game, you search 350 in Quick Memory Editor, when money changes, you re-search the new value, repeat doing it until Quick Memory Editor found the memory address for the value, then double click the address to edit. I tested it in The Sim 3 game to edit money and lifetime reward points, and it works fast and effectively.
    Quick Memory Editor also can build stand-alone trainer for games. However the game trainer we built by Quick Memory Editor was killed by Symantec AntiVirus. This function is not very useful if it can't pass anti-virus software's scan.

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