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Editor's Review:

    Professor Fizzwizzle is one of my favorite puzzle games
    Professor Fizzwizzle is one of my favorite puzzle games. Professor Fizzwizzle is a brilliant, diminutive scientist in game. You take control of him to outmaneuver Rage-Bots or the environment to get to his goal. Along the way, you'll employ boxes, barrels, magnets, freeze guns and other devices to manipulate his environments and forge a path home. Fizzwizzle has four different level paths for gamers to explore. The "kids" and "alphabet" levels are for youngers, the "regular" levels are for grown-ups, and the "advanced" levels are a good challenge for seasoned puzzle veteran. If you are stuck on a level, you can simply ask the game to show you the solution anytime!
    If solving puzzles isn't enough for you, try out the full featured level editor to create your own masterpiece! You can post your levels on the game publisher's site for others or download levels posted by other gamers.
    The Good: Tons of levels and challenges; level editor; mind-expanding
    The Bad: Rage-Bots are not cute

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