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Developer:      jalada GmbH  
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Size, OS :       550.74 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: November 03, 2016, Thursday
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Software Description:

jalada TicTac - Play next generation fun, fast and totally mind-boggling 3D arcade game.
This hot 3D arcade hit brings new fun to your location. Should you get this mind-boggling brainteaser? If you love playing the awesome Candy-Crush or the basic idea of Tetris then the true answer is .. YES!
jalada TicTac is very simple in concept: Move your forklift to catch the colored tiles that came down the conveyor belt and flip them into the bins. Rack up points by arranging them in same colored stack or rows. The rows can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, and three or more tiles in a row creates a Tic-Tac.
Sounds easy right? It is, until the tiles speed up and tumble down the ramp so fast, you'll go nuts trying to catch them all - while figuring out where best to stack them before you run out of room. Faster and faster your forklift becomes a blur as you struggle to keep up with the pace.
jalada TicTac will lest your reaction time and ability to think fast and think ahead while providing hours of fast-paced fun.
And jalada TicTac is completely free to play, but some optional content will require payment.
Review the great features you get with jalada TicTac, the awesome 3D arcade game:
+ Easy to play, challenging to master
+ Special rewards for high scores
+ Special designed to lest your reaction time and ability to think fast
+ Helpful powerful tool to help with challenging levels
+ Plenty great levels for hours of fast-paced fun
+ Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors
+ Playable in both portrait and landscape
+ Detailed help included
+ Perfect for beginners and experts alike
Visit if you need support or more information.
Have fun playing jalada TicTac and be fast.
What's New: This 3D arcade hit brings new fun to your location.

100% Clean:

100% Clean jalada TicTac 1.1.0 is 100% clean
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