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Developer:      Cygnus systems  
License, Price:Shareware, $35.00
Size, OS :       28.91 MB   |   Windows System
Last Updated: April 05, 2009, Sunday
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Software Description:

Cloca clock alarm - Use Cloca alarms to get life under control and remembers whats important
How easy to forget whats important and pay an awful price. Use Cloca to get life under control and on track as it remembers whats important , because the cost of forgetting can be staggering ,like being late for work once to offen, or the important interview or the date next Friday night, or your wifes birthday. Cloca is a bargain that will enrich your life as you stay on schedule because Cloca is an effective alarm clock, reminder tool, timer and screen saver for Windows. Cloca will remind you of yearly anniversaries or tell you it's time for that special. An infinite number of alarms can be set, hours, days or months in advance. It has 24 awesome Valx Art pictures on clock face with floating thumbnail image. Cloca 1 has Analog or digital faces. with Hour, minute and second hands, captions 1-12 and art that can be invisible or visible.Cloca 2 digital face is displayed center screen with or without Valx Art changing hourly. Cloca 2 shows Time, Day-of-Week, Day, Month and Year. Cloca 1's three hands have a small text for hour, minute and second follow hands about face. Screen Glitter fills and clears background. Run Art makes art float to create pattern as glitter is erased and a black trail follows the art floating. Hourly Cloca can Chime when on screen or minimized, with bell chime or cuckooclock sounds one note for each hour. Select between Chime,announce time or none.
Voice says time with am or pm, when its on or minized. You can press T on keyboard to hear time,or D to hear date . Set Alarms will sound off 10 times, every 40-60 seconds depending on sound of selected aslarms.Choose 1 of 19 sound effects for alarm, from cow moo,horse whine,Dog bark,Gong,Drumroll,croud cheer. When Alarm is activated Message box appears with reminder message you added when created and screen fill with colorful lines. If the alarm is not turned off, alarm will cease but Missed Message remains on screen. Mouse over help makes it easy to use and quick to learn
Limitations: 13 Days Trial
TAGS: clock, alarm, analog

100% Clean:

100% Clean Cloca clock alarm 1.0 is 100% clean
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