Development SpotLight

  • EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK
    EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK
    EaseFilter File system encryption filter driver SDK provides a comprehensive solution for transparent file level encryption. It allows developers to create transparent encryption products which it can encrypt or decrypt files on-t...
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  • EazyCode - .Net Code Generator
    EazyCode - .Net Code Generator
    EazyCode 7.1 is a collection of following 3 tools... 1) Application generator Generates WCF, Web, Windows and WPF applications in VB.NET and C# to search, sort, edit, delete and add data in SQL Server databases. Customizable te...
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Development Latest Updates

  1. J4L Barcode Vision for Delphi 2.2 - Delphi barcode reader component
  2. J4L RBarcode for Delphi 1.2.2 - Delphi components that create 1D and 2D barcodes
  3. SQLi 8 - Use for penetration testing
  4. SqlClient Data Access Components (SqlClientDAC) - A feature-rich and high-performance data access components for MS SQL
  5. Document .Net - manipulate PDF files to Word, TXT, HTML, using VB .Net
  6. ArtfulBits Columns Suite 2.0 - A complete collection of potent and easy-to-use ArtfulBits columns.
  7. EaseClouds Connect - Seamlessly integrate your existing applications to the cloud environment.
  8. RasterEdge C#.NET Office Word to PDF Converter SDK 10.4.1 - RasterEdge C#.NET PDF Convert Microsoft Office Word to Adobe PDF document
  9. TeeChart NET for Xamarin.Forms 2017 - Chart Controls for Xamarin.Forms (iOS, Android, UWP)
  10. KeepDynamic .NET Barcode Generator Component 9.0 - Easily creates linear and 2D barcode for all your .NET applications
  11. SQL Azure ODBC driver (32/64 bit) 2.2 - ODBC Driver for SQL Azure
  12. Oracle ODBC driver (32/64 bit) 2.2 - Connectivity solution for ODBC-based applications to access Oracle databases
  13. Devart ODBC Driver for MySQL 2.2 - Connectivity solution for ODBC-based applications to access MySQL databases
  14. SQL Server ODBC driver (32/64 bit) 2.2 - ODBC connector to SQL Server database for Windows, Linux and Mac OS (32/64 bit)
  15. JavaScript Diagram 3.1 - A JavaScript library for drawing flowchart, network, organizational diagrams.
  16. TeeBI for RAD Studio Suite 2017 - TeeBI Business Intelligence component suite for RAD Studio developers
  17. EaseClouds Virtual File System SDK - Cloud-based completed virtual file system integrates cloud files with local file
  18. C# PDF 4.4.2 - Tutorial Document for C# IronPDF Library with C# PDF Code Samples
  19. .Net DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi - This tool is used for importing .Net DLL/WSDL into Delphi.

recommended software

  • HelpSmith
    HelpSmith is an innovative help authoring tool which allows you to create CHM Help files, Web Help , Word RTF, and Manuals from a single source. The r...
  • EditPlus
    EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many ...
  • Quick Batch File Compiler
    Quick Batch File Compiler
    Quick Batch File compiler convert batch files into actual program (EXE format) in one click. This program may be run on Windows 98/Millenium/2000/200...