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Developer:      Tomasz Sowa  
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Last Updated: September 01, 2011, Thursday
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Software Description:

TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator.
TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator. It features arithmetical functions, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, inverse hyperbolic functions, logical operators, logarithms, functions for converting between degrees and radians and so on. Additionally the program allows a user to define his own variables and functions.
The program possesses an easy to use interface. Calculations are performed by using binary floating point numbers with three kinds of precision, the biggest has 1024 bits for its mantissa and 128 bits for its exponent that is about 9.805180 * 10^51217599719369681875006054625051616657 with 306 valid decimal digits. TTCalc independently allows to insert and display values with the base (radix) from two to sixteen.

User Reviews:

  • However, there seems to be a problem with the small precision calculations: PariGP 2.4.3 gives sin(10^22) = -0.8522008497671888017727058938 with default precision of 28 decimal digits. TTCalc 0.9.1 gives sin(10^22) = -0.852200868269788305456900652 with small precision of 26 decimal digits. This indicates this result has only about 7 digits accuracy. The accuracy of the PariGP result is confirmed by TTCalc at higher precisions. Indeed, Matlab 2007 gets a correctly-rounded 16-digit result using just IEEE double precision. REPLY To ABOVE FROM T. SOWA, DEVELOPER Unfortunately at the moment there is a very poor implementation of the Mod() function for floating point numbers. The Mod() is calculated in this way: Mod(x; y) = x - int(x/y) * y This formula gives inaccurate results when the first operand x is much larger than y. If you calculate sin(10^22) then first the Sin has to reduce 2*PI period. It is done by using Mod(x; 2*PI) and the result from Mod is then pass back to the Sin. And here is the problem. Try to calculate: mod(10^22; 2*pi) ttcalc with medium precision gives: 5.263007914620499503607084781277841313130293291346526419019015937[...] and then change precision to small and try to calculate Sin with this argument: sin(5.2630......) = -0.852200849767188801772705894 which is a good aproximation of sin(10^22) The Mod function will be the first thing to change in the next release of ttmath. -- Tomasz Sowa
    Derek O'Connor - March 24, 2010 - 1/5 stars

100% Clean:

100% Clean TTCalc 0.9.3 is 100% clean
This download (ttcalc-0.9.3-setup.exe) was tested thoroughly and was found 100% clean. Click "Report Spyware" link on the top if you found this software contains any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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