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Last Updated: August 30, 2019, Friday
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Software Description:

Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Design - Thermal design and sizing of helical coil heat exchangers
General features including:
+ Support S.I Units and English (U.S) Units of measurement.
+ Units converter includes 23 measurements units with 200-unit conversion
+ Add your own Nusselt correlation in three formats for using in calculations or use software correlations or enter your own value.
+ Calculate unknown Cold or Hot side temperature. Unknown exit temperatures on both sides or any two temperatures on both sides
+ Unknown Flow rate on either hot or cold side
+ Pressure Drops for both shell and tube sides (frictional, inlet, outlet and total)
+ Overall heat transfer coefficients, heat transfer coefficients for shell and tube sides.
+ Area and heat load (duty) calculations
+ Vessel dimensions and length
+ Number of spiral turns for the helical tube and its length.
+ Estimate the Physical properties of pure components for more than 1450 fluids (Separate software included with full version, can be downloaded separately for demo); The physical properties software can also estimate mixture properties. (ALL ESTIMATION METHODS CURRENTLY SUPPORT LIQUIDS ONLY)
+ User database feature to allow user to store own fluid properties, add/delete fluids, Tube geometric sizes. This can then easily loaded in any project simulation.
+ Fouling factors
+ Plot temperature profile for counter current flow and cocurrnet flow. detect temperature cross.
+ Export Results summary to Microsoft Excel Engineering Datasheet format. Save/Load results. Generate/Print a summary of results
+ Display multiple cases in results grid
+ Export Results summary to .rtf file format that can be opened in Microsoft Word
Limitations in this software are to the following:
+ Single phase fluid operations.
+ Single tube units, multi tubes are not supported.
What's New: First Public Release
Limitations: 90 Days Trial; Limited Functionality

100% Clean:

100% Clean Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Design 1.0.0 is 100% clean
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